Wet pour rubber has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Due to its wide range of practical uses and robustness, many schools, public parks, and even homeowners are turning to this easy-to-install attractive surfacing option.

Beyond the obvious benefit of it being a safer surface for children to play on due to its ability to absorb the impact of a fall, there are many other reasons why you too should be turning to wet pour rubber.

Weather Resistant

Wet pour rubber has the unique ability to be incredibly resistant to different kinds of weather. No amount of rain, wind or sunshine is too much for it to handle, ensuring that you are able to get the most out of your surface no matter the weather. After installation, there is no other reinforcing needed. Unlike other surface materials, the changes in the weather conditions do not result in surface cracks. This is due to the ability of the rubber to expand and contract comfortably with the temperature.

Wide Choice Of Customisation

The top layer used in wet pour rubber is extremely customisable. This is simply due to the wide range of colours available as it is made from recycled rubber. Not only can you tailor the size and thickness of the surface to meet your requirements, but you can also choose the design.

Excellent Drainage

Wet pour rubber is a porous material, meaning that the water will slowly seep through the rubber onto the material below. As long as the surface below the rubber is levelled and compacted properly, the water will effectively drain away over time. This is hugely helpful after periods of rain as it will maximise the amount of time you can spend on the surface.


One of the greatest reasons to choose wet pour rubber is due to its cost-effectiveness. This is mostly due to its lack of yearly maintenance. Wet pour rubber surfacing will often last up to 10 years (with some variance due to the intensity of use) before you even need to conduct any maintenance.

Wet pour rubber has certainly shown both its quality and convenience in the past few years. Are you considering resurfacing? Contact us today to learn more about our quality products!