Frequently Asked Questions

All ASC installation staff poses the necessary Queensland Government “Working with Children” Blue Cards, Building Asset Services (BAS) Work Health and Safety Contractor Induction cards & Construction Induction cards.

Yes, one of our experienced estimators would be happy to meet you on site to discuss your requirements & define a scope of works.

All Surface Concepts will provide a formal quotation including Terms & Conditions within 2-3 business days.

Synthetic Grass

Yes, we only source Synthetic Grass manufactured in Australia

All Surface Concepts choose to source our synthetic grass from Urban Turf Solutions & Synlawn unless specified otherwise

Yes, we can arrange for our suppliers to send chosen samples to your home within 3-5 business days

Yes, all of the synthetic grass installed by All Surface Concepts comes with a 7-year manufacturers product warranty

Yes, all of our installation services come with a 12month installation warranty

Yes, all of our manufacturers promote pet friendly products.

Maintenance is essential to ensure household pets do not impact the look / odour of your synthetic grass.

Solid waste needs to be picked up as they occur and urine needs to be rinsed away with a light hose.

An odour neutralizing infill can be used on your synthetic grass if necessary.

Please let us know if you would like more information on odour neutralizing infill.

Use a leaf blower to help remove debris from your synthetic grass

Remove any organic waste & clean up spills as they happen

Remove any pet or animal waste as they happen

While it’s not common problem, the odd weed can find it’s way onto your artificial grass. Usually they’ll be around the edge of the lawn and are simple to remove, just gently pull them out. Maintain surrounding bushes or trees to help prevent airborne seeds from falling on to your turf. You can also use a mild weed killer on your synthetic grass.

Rubber Wetpour

All Surface Concepts choose to source all of our rubber products from A1 Rubber

Rubber wet pour is available in a wide range of vibrant colours that can be installed in patterns or graphics to suit your specifications.

Wet Pour Rubber is a porous, durable surfacing material made from recycled rubber. Wet Pour rubber is poured in place and provides a seamless surface that can be moulded and shaped around new or existing equipment.

Soft fall rubber is an impact-absorbing layer that is laid beneath the finished surface of your play space to ensure critical fall height requirements are achieved

Yes, All Surface Concepts can source & install 3D shapes & animals are per project/client specifications

Wet pour rubber needs 24hrs of curing time before the area can be used

Yes, all of the Wet pour Rubber installed by All Surface Concepts comes with a 1-year manufacturers product warranty

Yes, all of our installation services come with a 12month installation warranty