What Is Wet Pour Surfacing?

Wet pour surfacing is when wet pour rubber is paired with softfall underlay for impact absorption. It is an ideal rubber flooring for playgrounds and child care centres, parks and schools. This rubber wetpour flooring comes in a wide range of colours and can be customised to suit your requirements.

Wet pour surfacing is a porous, durable surfacing material made from recycled rubber granules mixed with polyurethane, which is laid in your chosen colour. It is installed in patterns or graphics to suit your project specifications and is poured in place to provide a seamless surface that can be moulded and shaped around new or existing equipment.

Where Is The Fun In Wet Pour Surfacing?

With its popularity in reducing injuries on playgrounds, wet pour surfacing has the advantage of providing a safe environment for children. It copes well with high traffic areas and can be used on uneven areas as well as flat surfaces, slopes and other bumpy terrains and can even be used on areas with trees, thus providing the perfect environment for the kids to have fun.

The Material Is Weather-Proof

Due to our unpredictable weather conditions such as thunderstorms, harsh sun and high winds, wet pour surfacing is a great flooring option. This is because it has minimal wear-and-tear because the surface is durable and has crack-proof qualities. Come rain or shine; the little ones can continue playing without fear of falling on a slippery surface.

Wet Pour Surfacing Is Customisable

What also makes this flooring great is that it comes in a range of design and colour specifications to suit your playground or gymnasium needs. You can also choose different aesthetic designs for your project. Designs can be customised for educational activities, including cartoon characters, numbers and letter grids, hopscotch and more.

If you are looking for wet pour surfacing, feel free to get in touch with us and find out how we can be of service.