A perfectly maintained, well-manicured lawn is a benchmark of modern home living. Such gorgeous grass comes at a cost: usually time, money and effort is  poured into maintaining a yard to such a standard. Many of us want the aesthetics of the perfect lawn without the stress involved, and here is where artificial grass from All Surface Concepts comes in. Artificial grass on the Sunshine Coast is the perfect option for you if you value a beautiful yard. Aside from saving time, artificial grass comes with many other perks and benefits.

Low Maintenance

Synthetic grass does not need to be mowed, weeded or watered. There will never be mud or mess, truly an ideal solution for people on the go or people who travel too often to dedicate time to maintaining their lawn.

Ideal for Families with Children and Pets

Artificial grass is a great option for people with children and pets. Animals are less likely to want to dig at artificial grass, saving you the headache of pouring your heart and soul into your lawn only to find it destroyed by an over-eager dog. Similarly, you can rest assured that children can play, run and enjoy themselves in the garden without the need to be concerned about the effects on your lawn.

Guaranteed to Look Great at All Times

Natural grass can be fussy and complicated to keep maintained. If your soil is not just right or if a certain spot gets a lot of wear, your grass may die. Not to mention the havoc harsh weather and seasons can have on your lawn. Artificial grass makes this a problem of the past by looking  neat and bright all year round with no extra effort.

A Great Choice for Allergy Sufferers

Anyone with a grass allergy can tell you that having a reaction in allergy season is no joke. Many people have taken to paving over their lawn to mitigate allergy symptoms, but this can sometimes look severe. Artificial grass is the perfect solution here – you can keep the homey feel of a lawn without having to suffer terrible allergic reactions.

Find a Great Supplier of Quality Artificial Grass

All Surface Concepts are a top supplier of artificial grass on the Sunshine Coast. If you are looking to upgrade your lawn, contact our team at All Surface Concepts for service that goes above and beyond all your expectations. Get in touch today!