Are you wanting a diverse and multi-use area covered with the best surfacing? Artificial turf may be your solution. Designed for a range of uses, artificial turf on the Sunshine Coast has become increasingly popular in recent years. From children’s playgrounds to outdoor restaurant areas, artificial turf has a use for almost everyone.

Read more to see the top 5 uses for artificial turf.

Soccer Pitches

One of the most popular uses for artificial turf on the Sunshine Coast is for soccer pitches. Whether it is used for school sports fields or indoor soccer arena pitches, artificial turf has it all. The improved drainage means that even after rainfall, the pitch is playable and helps players to slip less. Low maintenance costs are also a big factor here.

Indoor Games Room

Tired of cleaning up after your kids or worried that they’re going to spill things like ice cream or drinks all over your clean carpet? Artificial turf is perfect for your child’s playroom or games room in your home. Any spills become simple to clean with a quick spray and wipe. Not only this, but they will love the softness of the artificial turf under their toes.

Safe and Stylish Pool Surround

Not many things are worse than a slippery pool surface, as they can ruin the best barbecues in an instant with a trip to the hospital. Installing artificial turf on the Sunshine Coast means that you can enjoy your pool without any worry of injury. Additionally, artificial turf around your pool just looks good.

Indoor Putting Green

One use for artificial turf which is gaining popularity is installing indoor putting greens at home or office spaces. These are perfect for practising your putts, helping you to really nail those golf days with friends. Indoor putting greens are great in any office space with avid golf fans, as they provide a wonderful break from the monotony of the workday.

Balcony and Rooftop Gardens

Balconies and rooftop gardens are some of the most under-utilised spaces in the home. Artificial turf is perfect for these spaces and can really give it the life it needs for you to spend more time lounging around on your balcony, enjoying the view and your artificial turf. This is even better in urban areas where the nearest park may be more than a quick walk away.

As you can see, artificial turf has a diverse range of uses and can transform any environment. For expert artificial turf installation on the Sunshine Coast, contact us today.