The city of Sunshine Coast along Queensland’s coastline is known for its pristine natural beauty. Both locals and tourists enjoy the tropical climate, especially in the warmer months when they can spend more time outdoors soaking up the Aussie sun. However, the climate also makes it difficult to maintain a perfectly green natural lawn throughout the year. Synthetic grass is proving to be very trendy in Sunshine Coast residential and commercial properties, and for good reason. We explore the reasons why this design trend appears to be having its moment in this part of the world.


A lush green garden can bring any residence to life. It’s perfect for children to play in or just to take a walk on a soft grassy surface. Unfortunately, with the demands of modern life, many people can’t find the time to mow their lawns as often as necessary and brown patches or muddy puddles often require much more maintenance or professional landscaping costs than we can spare. It’s no wonder more, and more people on the Sunshine Coast are switching to synthetic grass. Not only does it look and feel great, but it’s also so much less hassle and stays green and neat all year round. Whether it’s your garden, or pool or barbecue area, it’s the ideal alternative to concrete paving for a more natural look.


Sunshine Coast attracts plenty of tourists throughout the year, and hotels are now also seeing the benefits of synthetic grass as a decorative element. It can be installed in any indoor or outdoor space such as hotel gardens, commercial building landscapes or schools, universities and conference centres. It’s becoming a popular choice in the commercial and tourist sector with its low maintenance, cost-effectiveness and durable, pristine appearance through the seasons.


All Surface Concepts is a 100% Australian owned family business that specialises in professional preparation and installation of synthetic grass on the Sunshine Coast for residential and commercial use. With over 20 years of experience and expertise, we promise superior quality products, expert advice and quality workmanship. We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and beautifully surfaced landscapes in a variety of locations. Wherever possible, we source Australian made products. Get in touch with us for a hassle-free quotation followed by a streamlined installation. Contact us today