Evergreen and durable, these are some of the amazing benefits of artificial turf on the Sunshine Coast. With the right kind of care and regular cleaning, your turf can last a surprisingly long time. However, it is not immune to damage and wear and tear over long periods of time, and an upgrade or resurfacing may be necessary. Have a look at this useful checklist to find out when your artificial turf needs to be replaced.

If your synthetic lawn has been exposed to extreme weather or heat damage from an outdoor grill and a portion of it is burnt or damaged, you may have a safety risk as well as an unsightly site so it is probably time to replace your artificial turf on the Sunshine Coast.

Artificial grass does not contain microbes found in natural grass that break down organic waste, so any mess or pet droppings that are not cleaned sufficiently will in time cause a bad odour and even stains on your turf. If you notice this, an upgrade to new turf is advisable.

One of the star qualities of artificial turf on the Sunshine Coast is that its bright green colour really stands out and makes any garden or landscape area inviting. This lushness can last all year long compared to real grass, which is seasonal and depends on photosynthesis. However, even artificial grass can fade after extended periods, especially if exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Similar to fading, this reason for turf replacement is purely aesthetic. You may choose to pass on this one, but for many people it can make a world of difference. If you have renovated your house or commercial property and want to make a real impression, an outdated lawn can bring a drab appearance to the overall look. In this case, book a resurfacing and make sure you upgrade to the latest style and advanced materials.

If any part of your artificial lawn is curling at the seam or detached, this means the adhesive has weakened over time and it poses a real danger for tripping. To prevent accidents, synthetic grass must remain firmly in place at all times. If you are concerned about loose parts, get it redone immediately.

Keep the love of artificial turf on the Sunshine Coast alive by upgrading or replacing your existing turf. All Surface Concepts has successfully delivered hundreds of surfacing projects throughout New South Wales and Queensland and we are happy to assist you. Our friendly turf specialists look forward to revamping your artificial lawn for longer lasting, greener surfaces. Request a free quote today.