With the global pandemic negatively impacting the local workforce and subsequently lessening the money in our pockets, saving money wherever we can is imperative. Utility bills are on the rise, and in order to accommodate household utility expenses but still maintain our home and garden, we should consider opting for synthetic grass on the Sunshine Coast.

Make The Switch And Save

Homeowners can save money by opting for synthetic grass while still keeping that nature-filled lifestyle we have all become accustomed to here in Australia. Synthetic grass requires no watering and thus, once purchased, doesn’t impact on household bills at all. According to research, “Australia is the driest populated continent on earth, and yet Australians are the greatest per capita consumers of water in the world. Homes and gardens are directly responsible for about 12% of Australia’s water use. Around 40% of household water is typically used outdoors, and in some locations in Australia, the proportion is much higher.”

According to  Canstar,“The average quarterly water bill in Queensland is $300.”

Now, how much of that  high bill can be attributed to watering your lawn? And how much can you reduce it with synthetic grass?

Synthetic Grass Is Your Long-Term, Low Maintenance, Cost-Effective Solution 

Ready to save water and reduce your household watering bill? All Surface Concepts is a 100% Australian-owned family business located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. With more than 20 years of experience in surface preparation and installation, we guarantee customer satisfaction through the use of superior products, expert advice and quality workmanship. Contact our team at All Surface Concepts for synthetic grass on the Sunshine Coast and take advantage of their extensive experience working in commercial, residential and local government sectors throughout New South Wales and Queensland.