The benefits of artificial grass are numerous and many people will be opting for this at their homes this summer. Forget about cutting real grass in the sweltering heat! Artificial grass is easy to maintain, perfect for children and pets and will look great all-year round. You can also save on water with artificial grass, which is a huge plus. However, in order to get the most out of your artificial turf, it does require some maintenance. Read more for some tips on how to care for your artificial grass on the Sunshine Coast this summer.

Clean And Brush

Regular cleaning of debris and leaves will keep the artificial grass in your Sunshine Coast garden looking green and beautiful and will also prevent odours. While artificial grass is mostly self-cleaning, it is a good idea to use a light detergent and water to hose it down every now and then. Excess water will be drained off. Use a mechanical brush to remove any loose dirt and airborne seeds that may land in your ‘grass’. If you have a pet, remember to remove any pet droppings from the turf to prevent further mess or bad smells.

Avoid Direct Heat

For maximum durability, avoid using direct heat sources such as barbecues or magnifying glasses on your artificial grass, as it can melt. Regular sunlight is fine, but if it is reflected off a window it can cause your grass to heat up more than normal. Avoid leaving motorised tools on your synthetic grass and do barbecues on the patio to prevent hot burning coals from falling and damaging your turf. The good news is that artificial grass can be repaired, but it is always best to heed these safety measures to keep your ‘grass’ in great condition for longer. 

Choose A High Quality Installer From The Start

If you decide to instal artificial grass make sure to use a high quality installer from the start for a superior, long-lasting product. 

For more maintenance tips or to have brand new artificial grass installed in your Sunshine Coast garden, contact All Surface Concepts, a local family-owned business specialising in surface preparation and installation. From start to finish, we promise high-quality products and expert workmanship.