Forget mowing the lawn this holiday and switch to synthetic grass at your Sunshine Coast home or business premises. No one wants to spend their Christmas holiday and New Year sweating and exhausted from cutting grass that seems to grow continuously. If you want to know how synthetic grass can boost your holiday mood and give you heaps of free time, we have the answers. So, let’s get to it!

‘Tis The Time To Be Jolly

Holidays are for socialising, spending time outdoors on the lawn and relaxing. Most people spend so much time trying to perfect their grass ahead of this period, desperate to get that lush green look that is at a perfect length and softness. But when reality bites and you just can’t seem to cover up those brown patches, it is time to go synthetic.

Synthetic grass is great for Sunshine Coast residential or commercial properties because it means less mowing, less watering and a permanent aesthetic outdoor surface. Thus you will have more time to focus on what is important, like celebrating with family, friends or clients. You can also save money on hiring garden services because artificial grass requires little maintenance. This means you have more money to spend on holiday gifts and decorations!

Entertain And Decorate To Your Heart’s Content

Synthetic grass is becoming increasingly popular on the Sunshine Coast, especially over the holiday period because of its no mess, no fuss appeal. Entertaining guests is so much easier with  artificial lawn that requires no trimming in preparation, meaning you can spend more time preparing your platters. There is also no need to worry about kids slipping in muddy grass or staining their party clothes. Holiday decorations like inflatables or ornament lights also look great on a synthetic lawn. Just remember to keep hot objects like globes and barbecue stands off the surface to prevent melting.

Ready to brighten up your lawn with synthetic grass on the Sunshine Coast? Speak to us at All Surface Concepts. We are a proudly Australian company specialising in synthetic surface installation and maintenance for all homes and businesses in the local area. Whether it is for residential, business or recreational purposes, our turf is high quality and durable, and our expert team will advise you on how to keep it looking healthy for longer. For a hassle-free quotation and installation process, contact us or browse our services for other surface options.