Homeowners in Queensland are always looking to improve their property and boost their property’s value. One such way to do this without incurring high input costs is through driveway resurfacing on the Sunshine Coast. Sporting a new exterior aesthetic with a brand new driveway will greatly increase your property’s value but widen the hole in your pocket. What homeowners actually need is to lessen the cost but still get that property value boost. This is possible through driveway resurfacing.

A New Driveway Installation Is Too Costly, But There Are Alternatives

According to online research, “The average cost for a concrete driveway per m2 in Australia is approximately $65. This price also includes the cost of materials and labour. However, the pricing range can go up to $195 per square metre, so for a concrete driveway area of 20m2, expect to pay between $1300 to $3900.” Now, in current Covid-19 times, where finance is a concern, who can afford this?

Adding An Impressive 10% To Your Property’s Value

Helping homeowners to boost property value, we are recommending spending less, much less! Driveway resurfacing is a fraction of the cost, but with the same result achieved, property value and future returns will still increase. On average, the amount of added value from a driveway – whether new or resurfaced – amounts to about $ 5000 to $7000 in value.

This value does fluctuate and is much higher depending on the size of the driveway. However, according to Virgin Money, it is estimated that having an attractive driveway to compliment your home can add up to an impressive 10% of the value of your property.

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