Considered one of the most versatile landscape alternatives to live turf, artificial grass is a readily available residential property solution. A disadvantage of natural grass is its maintenance and the cost that comes with this maintenance, something artificial grass does not need. The most immediate benefits of artificial grass include saving you water, time and money, but there’s more to this alternative turf than meets the eye. Tapping into the full potential of artificial grass opens you up to a world of creativity that will enhance your property.

Check out some of the creative ways you can use synthetic grass installation in your home:

Up On The Walls

Artificial grass is exceptional for wall coverings and is a great way to spruce up any room or outdoor area. Ways to use it can include covering entire walls or as a backdrop for photos, or around a mirror – these styles will surely capture everyone’s attention. Another interesting and creative way of installing artificial turf on the Sunshine Coast is by covering the lower and upper part of a wall with turf and putting a unique wall design accent in between.

Eco Fitness Areas

Whether you are into outdoor yoga or a fanatic at shooting at goalposts, daily exercise is a must. However, working out in the park isn’t always possible so what is the next best option? Create your very own fitness area with artificial grass installed. Synthetic grass is ideal for indoor fitness areas as it also has the natural feel of live grass.

A Greener Office Space

With the recent popularity of remote work, you might be finding yourself cooped up working from home. What better way to get rid of the mundane feel of your home office space than adding artificial grass which will add a liveliness to your workspace and help to improve your productivity?

Add Life To Your Patios And Rooftop

Artificial grass is also great for patios and rooftops where you can relax and entertain. After all, natural grass doesn’t grow in these areas! Add lushness and beauty to these areas with artificial grass.

The added benefit of adding artificial grass to your home is that it can also increase the value of your home should you decide to put it up for sale. Be creative. Look at different décor trends and how you can incorporate artificial grass to create a vibrant and unique feel to your home.

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