We all know that schools experience heavy foot traffic. Week on week, school grounds see the pitter-patter of many shoes walking and running over them while recreational grounds see many sports shoes playing on them. It is for this reason that artificial turf on Sunshine Coast school grounds and recreational venues is the preferred option.

Highly durable and robust in its composition, artificial turf can withstand wear and tear. According to online research, “Fewer schools use [natural grass] because of the extra maintenance required and lack of flexibility. For example, if it rains on a Wednesday, students may have to stay off the field to prevent damage before a Friday night football game. Artificial turf is easier to maintain, doesn’t require water or fertiliser and can accommodate a variety of activities. With artificial turf, students can practice on the field in almost any weather without damaging the ground. Also, artificial turf doesn’t freeze in the winter or thin out in the summer.”

Adding To Its Popularity Are Numerous Benefits 

Just Like The Real Thing Thanks To Advancements In Artificial Turf 

Schoolchildren and sportspeople enjoy playing outdoors on natural grass. So, with this need, innovation and advancements in artificial turf have improved to create something that is similar to the real thing. Generally, grass “blades” are longer in length and spaced further apart in the backing, which allows cleats to sink well, resulting in less stress on the players’ joints and allows the footwear to move better on it. In addition, turf systems are composed of materials that allow for stability for players and create a softer cushioning and hence less chance of injury. Other innovations have improved the performance of artificial turf, with the artificial turf now similar to the real-grass field, much to the delight of schoolchildren and sportspeople alike.

Eliminate Match Cancellation And Never Postpone Sporting Games 

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