Looking for quality surfacing options but unsure which will suit your needs best? Wet pour rubber surfacing is a common option used by many to surface their area quickly with great impact-absorbing material.

Here we help you decide if wet pour rubber is the surfacing material you should choose, by understanding what it is, its benefits and how it can be used.

What Is Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing?

Wet pour rubber is a surfacing material that is poured into place for a seamless surface and design. It is made with a porous material, making it fast draining, and it is suitable for small and large areas, depending on your specifications. Its rubber material has a great impact absorbing surface, which is a common advantage for its various applications.

Here are some more quality traits that come with wet pour rubber surfacing:

Now let’s take a look at the various places wet pour rubber can be used:

  1. Children’s Playgrounds

Due to its quality impact absorption, wet pour rubber is a strong surfacing material for children’s playgrounds. With the many colours and designs available, a playground can be transformed into something fun and eye-catching, giving children an exciting place to play.

  1. Retirement Homes

Wet pour rubber is also a commonly used surface at retirement homes. Not only can the colour and design be custom made, but the depth of the surface can also be made thicker. The thicker the surfacing, the safer it is. This is because it acts as a cushion, reducing the risk of injury in the case of a fall.

  1. Schools and Universities

Wet pour rubber can be used as an excellent walkway or sporting surface for schools, universities and sporting facilities. Due to its durability and heavy-duty surface, it can be used for high traffic areas as well as high impact activities.

  1. Leisure Activities

Along with its durability and impact absorption, wet pour rubber is easily installed and cleaned. Therefore it is a chosen surface for many leisure activities such as:

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