Rubber softfall flooring is a fantastic alternative to concrete, brick, or gravel, which tends to be abrasive in high-activity, public environments.

But what exactly is rubber softfall flooring, and what makes it such a favourable alternative? 

Rubber flooring is compiled of three layers, with the lower layer being standard concrete &/or compacted base material. The second layer that composes the surface is the key component to making this option a safe one for high-impact activity. This layer is called softfall rubber and is ideal for public spaces such as playgrounds, age-care facilities, waterparks, and walking paths, to name just a few. It ensures that any impact is conveniently absorbed, making it safe to run on, jump on, or fall on.

Finally, the last layer that’s known as wet pour rubber gives a durable and smooth finish, ensuring that the surface looks user-friendly.

So now that you understand what makes rubber flooring a favourable choice in multiple settings let’s dig a bit deeper into its key benefits. 

Keeps People Safe

The key benefit of this surfacing option is the massive safety factor that it brings to the table. Let’s use children’s playgrounds as our primary example. Children are generally bursting with energy. When it’s playtime, they’re constantly running, jumping, climbing, and falling over. Ensuring that there’s a shock-absorbent “safety-net” in place to combat potential falls is essential to prevent injuries.

Environmentally Friendly 

Unlike various other surfacing materials, our softfall rubber is environmentally friendly as it uses recycled rubber. Considering how many environments require safe and durable surfacing, why not offer this while simultaneously keeping the environment in mind too?

Low-Cost Alternative 

Rubber surfacing proves to be a cost-effective alternative due to its highly-durable nature. It can maintain its original form and appearance for years of frequent foot traffic and activity. It’s also really easy to clean, ensuring that it looks new for many years after instalment.

Rubber surfacing has many benefits in a variety of environments, from playgrounds to senior care facilities. For more information, get in touch here.