Driveways are victims of high pedestrian and vehicular traffic, which can all cause damage. Trying to decide whether you need to replace, repair, patch, seal coat, line or resurface your driveway can get confusing. As experts on driveway resurfacing on the Sunshine Coast, we would like to take you through when resurfacing is the most viable option.

Driveway Resurfacing 101

Repairing and patching deal with working on specific areas of your driveway, such as a hole in one area. Resurfacing, on the other hand, is about working on the entire driveway. This service entails giving your driveway a facelift by adding a new layer of cement-based compound.

When Do I Need To Consider Driveway Resurfacing

Small cracks and holes are nothing serious to worry about. These can be fixed with patches or repairs. If your driveway has major cracks and deep holes, it is not suitable for resurfacing.  /The resurfacing compound is only 3mm thick, which means that the existing concrete must be structurally sound to be suitable for resurfacing.

It is important to remember that resurfacing should only be done when the foundation is still in good condition. This is because you need the foundation stable in order to have a solid driveway resurfacing.

Make sure you call a professional driveway resurfacing company on the Sunshine Coast to assess your driveway before making any decisions.

What’s The Process?

A professional driveway resurfacing company on the Sunshine Coast will need to clear out and clean the surface so that it is free of dirt and other debris. Once this is done, minor cracks and small holes will need to be cleaned and filled, and as soon as the surface is smoothed out, about 3mm of cement-based compound will be laid down. Our resurfacing system is a spray-on or trowel applied cement-based compound, which bonds to existing concrete and provides a durable and abrasion-resistant textured finish. As a result, you will have a fresh, brand-new looking driveway surface.

We recommend resurfacing driveways because it is one of the best ways to save time and money. After all, the results are long-lasting. If you are looking for driveway surfacing services on the Sunshine Coast, speak to us at All Surface Concepts. We are more than happy to be of assistance.