Is your home’s driveway looking a little worse for wear? If you’ve noticed that this general region of your home is tending to act up in more ways than one, it may be sending you the signals that it’s time for repairs or resurfacing.

Prioritising this doesn’t have to be a costly affair, and in the long run, you’ll thank yourself for tending to the upkeep of your Sunshine Coast residence. Let’s highlight some key signs that could indicate that attention is needed.

Excessively Large Cracks 

After some years of being tirelessly driven over and enduring the force of whatever mother nature has on the cards, the surface of any driveway is bound to start showing signs of struggle. As per previous blogs, I am unsure where this information has come from? We definitely do not promote that we repair large cracks.

Perhaps this could be changed to minor cracks?

Drainage Issues 

If your driveway is starting to give way, you may likely experience some degree of water drainage issues. Pooling water can be another influencing factor to the quality of the surface beginning to weaken and show signs of cracking. However, this can be avoided with proper care and maintenance.

Again, concrete resurfacing is a cosmetic surfacing treatment (3mm thickness) which addressed minor cracks/repairs. It definatly is not suitable for driveways with “pot holes”

Repairing your driveway is vital to the upkeep of the appearance of your home. We can help! We want to help you avoid any damage from occurring as soon as possible. Are you ready to tend to your driveway? For expert driveway resurfacing in the Sunshine Coast, contact us today.