If you are wondering how to bring new life to an outdoor concrete floor surface that is looking a bit battered,you should consider resurfacing. With professional concrete resurfacing on the Sunshine Coast, you can transform a cracked, tired-looking floor into one with a smooth designer finish. Pay close attention as we tell you how.

What Is Concrete Resurfacing? 

In a nutshell, concrete resurfacing is a thin concrete and bonding agent mixture combined to coat an existing surface. Concrete resurfacing is a more durable and cost-effective choice for transforming your current concrete surfaces to a desirable designer finish. It is true that you may be able to patch up cracks on your own with a bit of cement, but the end result will be uneven and unappealing. Concrete resurfacing would be a smarter choice and with a wide range of options – from colours to finishes –  you can update your tired outdoor grey concrete for far less than removing or replacing it.

You can even choose to have a decorative concrete surface which is stylish, affordable and long-lasting. Decorative concreting is the process of applying a cement-based product directly onto new or existing concrete. The cement application strengthens the existing surface and provides more resistance to chipping and scratching than plain concrete. To get that sophisticated finish, make sure you consult with a team of professionals in construction management and modern resurfacing methods.

Case Study

A Pennant Hills, NSW homeowner called in All Surface Concepts to resurface the stairs and pathway leading up to the entrance. The stairs were in poor condition and desperately needed rejuvenating. Using the Avista Resurfacing System, All Surface Concepts were able to add a bright, smooth finish to the surface, using a base coat of French Grey with flecks in Gunmetal and White. The project took just two days, and the client was left with a gorgeous and inviting entrance to her home.

The extensive experience of the staff at All Surface Concepts means that the quality of workmanship is excellent and customer satisfaction is high. No project is too big or too small for our team of experts who are specialists in resurfacing. We offer a hassle-free quotation system and ensure that each project is completed according to the agreed budget and time frame.

Are you eager to transform your Sunshine Coast property with concrete resurfacing? The team at All Surface Concepts look forward to assisting you with your next surfacing project, so get in touch today.