The wide range of epoxy floor coating styles and colours that are available to you make this an exceptional choice for almost any floor or application. Once you have committed to epoxy, though, how do you decide which style to take? It can be tricky to weigh the options since the variety and range are similar to the choices you have for painting your walls – there are so many possibilities! At All Surface Concepts, we offer epoxy flooring in both decorative flake flooring and solid colour solutions. Each of those options is further customisable as well to truly personalise the look.

Decorative Flake Flooring

Our flake flooring epoxy flooring solution is a hard-wearing floor coating that incorporates decorative polymer flakes. This is a great alternative to other types of floor coatings and allows you to create a unique look that you can call your own. Great applications for this type of coating include professional and commercial spaces such as auto dealerships, restaurants, corporate offices, nightclubs, lunchrooms, churches, bathrooms, clinics and health care offices to name a few. It is also used in personal and residential spaces, particularly in the main entrance or living spaces, from kitchens to formal lounges.

Solid Colour Epoxy Flooring

Solid colour epoxy flooring is also a great choice, and although not as fashionable, it provides a timeless look that is hard to beat. Common applications for this type of finish include basements, school rooms, manufacturing or processing spaces or even sports and recreational areas.

Get Your Hassle-Free Quotation Today

At All Surface Concepts, we provide a streamlined quoting and installation process for your epoxy floor coating. We take in the requirements, provide a formal quotation, commit to a fixed budget, propose a schedule for the work to be completed, and once all is approved, we do the installation. We finish this off with a final inspection, sign off and then leave you to enjoy your beautiful floor! If you would like to get started, feel free to contact us by calling 0434 079 949 or using our online platform. We look forward to hearing from you soon!