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Epoxy flooring provides​ a seamless and smooth surface, making it an ideal flooring system for high traffic, entertainment and work areas. Epoxy flooring can be used in garages, living rooms, domestic and commercial kitchens, rumpus rooms, alfresco areas, playrooms, laundries, restaurants, shopping centres, workshops, gyms and offices.

Epoxy floor finishes provide a highly durable and slip-resistant surface, not to mention it can transform an old, tired space into a highly decorative and attractive one. If you have an existing floor that’s damaged or deteriorated, then an epoxy resin coating will provide protection of that substrate, effectively maintaining or even increasing the floor’s life expectancy.

All Surface Concepts offer epoxy flooring in both decorative flake flooring and solid colour solutions.

Flake Flooring

Flake flooring is a hard-wearing epoxy floor coating incorporating decorative polymer flakes. A decorative flake floor provides a great alternative to other types of floor coatings and allows you to create your own unique look.

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Solid Colour

This water-based epoxy floor provides a durable protective solid colour coating to your internal concrete floor. A hard-wearing low-sheen finish is available in a range of practical colours to create a unique design.

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Revolutionising Garage Floor Epoxy!

Give Your Garage The Facelift It Deserves With Quality Epoxy Floor Coating On The Sunshine Coast!

What Is Epoxy Garage Coating?

There is a misconception about what epoxy garage floor coating is, and to set things clear – it is not paint! Unlike latex garage paint, epoxy is a thermosetting resin applied as a coating and is formed by combining one part of epoxide resin with one part polyamine hardener. The polyamine works as the catalyst and is what makes the epoxy durable!

The Benefits Of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Our team of experts at All Surface Concepts have been working with flooring material and products for years. We have a firm understanding of a number of flooring alternatives, including garage floor epoxy coating. So, what are the benefits of garage epoxy flooring?

  • Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it provides excellent protection. Garage epoxy flooring’s hardened and thick application gives a robust and durable quality to the coating. Additionally, this makes it resilient against the impact of chipping, chemicals and other stains, and surface abrasion.
  • It’s thick coating is perfect for treating any imperfections, cracks or other flaws in your garage. What’s more, your garage will benefit from its anti-dust properties as dust is often created by powder from cement floors, foot and vehicle traffic and so forth.
  • We also recommend garage epoxy floor coating because, as it is a topical coating, it is naturally moisture resistant. This material also makes your garage easy to clean.

As well, if you live in dry areas or on the Sunshine Coast, where the climate is unpredictable, adding slip-resistant aggregate in the final epoxy garage floor coating will help create a non-skid surface.

If you are serious about the state and condition of your property’s flooring, or even if you are only focusing on your garage, epoxy floor coating is the best alternative for your needs. At All Surface Concepts, we provide a range of services to meet residential and commercial needs. Speak with us today for garage flooring!