There are so many options available for revitalising garage floor surfaces – from painting garage floors to filling cracks and other imperfections with a repair product. Over time, you’ll be experiencing what may feel like déjà vu due to floor paint chips and cracks opening up again. Thus it is generally in your best interest to have a professional garage floor coating application done on your property. In order to make an informed decision before getting this done, you need to consider three key questions.

 #1: Does The Garage Floor Coating Provide A Superior Look?

At the top of your list is the need to consider the floor coating look you want to be applied on your flooring. The difference between just any coating and superior garage floor coating will determine the aesthetic look of your garage floor.

You might be tempted to run to your local hardware store to purchase DIY epoxy floor coating, but stop right there. As enticing as the price may be, you will undoubtedly get what you pay for. Professionally applied epoxy resin garage floor coating, on the other hand, has a higher quality and an appealing and brighter shine.

#2: What Colours Are Available For The Floor Coating?

Colour plays a huge role in the end result of your garage floor. When you take the time to choose the ideal colour for your garage, you will be more than pleased with the outcome.

Look at your slat wall panels, the cabinetry, garage doors and your car before choosing a specific colour, then speak to your garage floor coating specialist about the variety of colours available and which will best suit your garage for the upcoming project.

#3: Will A Professional Application Be Used?

There’s a specific skill set needed to apply garage floor coating to achieve the perfect results. Because of this, you need to look for a company that specialises in flooring, including garage floor coating, with professionals who have the knowledge, training, quality equipment and general know-how.

At All Surface Concepts, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, handled by professionally trained practitioners, and work with the best garage floor coating. We’re ready to answer all your questions and to assist you in any services you need. Call us!